Medication at School

“What are the different treatments available to children and is medical treatment more effective than behaviour therapy or does a combination of the two work best?”

There are a number of considerations should a child with ADHD need to take medication while at school. These are laid out in Government guidance for schools called, ‘Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Years Settings’ (DfES/DH 2005). This guidance aims to encourage and help schools to:

  • review what they currently do and to make sure that everyone, including parents, are clear about their respective roles
  • put in place management systems to help support children concerned
  • ensure that medicines are handled responsibly within schools
  • help ensure that all staff are clear about what to do in an emergency.

It is the parent's responsibility to provide the Head Teacher with sufficient information about their child’s medical needs and should, jointly with the Head Teacher, reach agreement on the school’s role in supporting the child.

It is the Head Teacher’s responsibility to put the Government's policy into practice, to ensure that all parents and staff are aware of the policy and that staff receive proper training.

If you accept responsibility for helping a child with ADHD take their medication, you should have appropriate training and guidance. You should also be aware of the possible side effects of the medication and what to do if they occur.

Download a PDF of the DfES document here

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